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Cha Am Surrounding
Cha Am Surrounding

, Cha Am, 

14.20 h we enter the train at the trainstation in Hua Hin and pass through interesting scenary to Cha Am. This little town have around 20.000 inhabitents.
At the trainstation in Cha am our bus pick us up and takes us to Watana Garden,
You will see a beautiful Garden with thousends of flowers, trees and many herbs.
The owner of the Garden is a professor and has taught at a famous University. She has much experiencecan produce many products from nature.
The Garden are like a paradise and nevertheless all plants can be used for making wine, cookies, medicine from herbs and fruit juicies.
This area is an absolutely beautiful Garden with an unique variety of plants and trees native of Thailand.
We get all information about a part of the Thai - florian a highly elaborate Garden -area.
Now it is time to move to the sleeping - place of the bats. At the foot of the mountain we wait for the adventure the bats leaving the cave. This happens after the sunset usually between 17.30 h until 18.30.
We get an impression of the wonder of nature. Only in Ratchaburi - it is a long way to this place - we can see the same. We see a grandios spectacle of the nature. Normally we can look only on TV.
Included in the price: Tourguide, Aircon Busdrive, Train
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