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Kui Buri Nationalpark
Kui Buri Nationalpark

, Kui Buri, 


Nearly 100 km to the south is situated the Kui Buri Nationalpark. This is an unknown area for tourists. The nationalpark space for arround 130 wild elephants. Here has elephants under the protection of his Majestic the King of Thailand.

We pick you up from your hotel and we need nearly 1 hour to reach our destination. On the way we have a short stop to see the Kui Buri dam. This area is developed to a nice region.

We see the guards in the Nationalpark, because the elephants are under 24 hours protection.

We stop near the guard box and we look first at pictures about the life of the elephants.

At the same place we wait normally the elephants comes out from the jungle and look for food in the surrounding 6 km.

After 1 - 1/2 hour we went back to Hua Hin and we have nice dinner in an Thai Restaurant.

Included in the price: dinner, soft drink in the aircon/bus, Tour Guide, entrance

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