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Kaeng Krachan Pala-U
Kaeng Krachan Pala-U

, Hua Hin, 77110


The Keang Krachan National Park is the biggest National Park of Thailand. We visit a part of it, situated in the south, which can be reached 50 km west of Hua Hin. After a short drive of about 30 km we turn into a road, which leads us into a mango plantation. At this plantation 4000 trees are harvested. A narrow hardly passable road ‘s being marked with bamboo Sticks.

We see at the end of the road a marking which shows us a path leading up to an unknown cave. The climb is hard. For a walk of 800 meter we need about one hour.

The path takes us sometimes almost vertically upwards. As the path is overgrown with shrubs it’s no problem to climb it with sport shoes. At the entrance of the cave we have a wonderful view over the valley covered ‘in mango- trees. In the cave we can see a lot of bats and the sleeping place of a tiger. When the cave was discovered not so long time ago, there was discovered a place with human bones too. But the discoverers have handed the rest of the bones over to the fire because of religious reasons.

The pottery which was discovered also were brought to a museum in Bangkok. After visiting the cave we go through the mango plantation and we turn to the west. We visit a holy place, which accommodates the mummy of a monk. This sacred man was buried in a coffin of glass. The mummify process developed by its own. This monk was well known as a wonder healer and as a mummy he should have healed people as well.

Further it goes to a region, where 70 wild elephants are. We have a look at the elephant museum. After a short trip of another 20 minutes we reach a wild stream. We have to leave the bus behind now. We walk along a jungle path. After about 30 minutes we see a waterfall. The clear spring water, which is coming from Burma falls ‘into a natural pool. In the cold water of about 20 degrees C we can take a bath.

On the way back to Hua Hin we stop at a small restaurant, where we have dinner tour.

 At about 5.00 pm we are back at your hotel.

Remark: You need good shoes and swimming suit

Included in the price: entrance fee, dinner and soft-drink in the minibus, Tour Guide

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