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Huay Yang Waterfall
Huay Yang Waterfall

, Huay Yang, 


On this one day trip in non tourist Thailand, you have the chance to collect an experience of the countryside. Nearly 2 hours by car to the south, are located the Huay Yang Waterfall, which fall over 5 steps.

We walk along the river bed up to the nicest pool to take refreshment and a picnic. A visit to the army check point at the Burmese border dives us a chance to experience the tension between the two countries.

Last but not least we have a look at the capital of the province of Prachuabkhirikhan and the famous mirror mountain (Khao Chong Krachok). On the 400 Step climb we are escorted by wild monkeys.

From the top of the hill we can enjoy a wonderful view over the bay and can see the Tennaserim mountain range, which is the natural border with Burma and the narrowest part of ‘Thailand.

After a visit to the city pillar we return to Hua Hin to arrive in the early evening.

Requirement: You need good shoes and swimming suit.

Included in the price: Lunch, all entrances, soft drink in the minibus, Tour Guide

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