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Burma Tour & Hot Springs
Burma Tour & Hot Springs

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We leave Hua Hin at 7.00 am and driver down towards the south. After 1˝ hour we reach the city pillar “Angle with four faces of Prachuabkhirikhan. You can also give food to the wild monkeys at the feet of mirror mountain (Khao Chong Chrachok).

Our lunch will be enjoyed in Chumphon, before we go further south. We pass through settlements with thick rain forest, which is an attraction of this trip.

On the Isthmus of Kra, it is the smallest part of the Malaysian peninsula, we take a stop. At the La-Un fjord we take a boat trip and low tides permitting look at the wrecks of Japanese warship which was destroyed in the Second World War. At the hot springs of Ranong we will be astonished that the water coming out is 65 degrees hot from the earth. Only 1 km from here is located our hotel with thermal bath pool linked directly to the hot springs.

During our dinner we have a chance to discuss our impressions of the first day. After Breakfast we go to the pier, there our boat is already waiting to take us on our half hour journey to Victoria Point, Burma.

This is the old British name of the Colonial era. Our boat brings us along the coastline, where we can see many big fishing boats, coming By pick up we make. the round trip in town. You get the impression of being nearly 50 years ago in another world. We visit a wonderful Chinese temple and a sleeping Buddha. It is very interesting to see the different architecture between the two countries.

Christians, Buddhist and Muslims stay together peacefully. On the local market you can shop for local handicrafts, cheap imported cigarettes and spirits,

At noon we return to ‘Thailand and get our lunch. After refreshment at a waterfall we return to Hua Hin at approximately 8.00 p.m.. On the way down and back we have chances for a break.

Note: You need your passport

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