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Bangkok City, 2 days
Bangkok City, 2 days

, Bangkok, 


The program to this tour is the same as the one day tour, until the visit to the diamond factory, is finished.

After we have checked in to our hotel you can look around a bit or just rest a bit and freshen yourself up. Whilst watching folk dance performances, we will have dinner in a quality Thai restaurant. And then spend the evening in Patpong, Bangkok’s most notorious red light district, where you’ll not only find a mind boggling number of entertainment spots, but also a night market where you might stumble across interesting bargains.

The next morning we’ll first go and see the world’s biggest Buddha statue cast out of pure gold, which weights 5,5 tons. During‘ a walk through the narrow alleys of China town we’ll se a food market and the holiest Chinese temple complex in Bangkok.

Somewhat out of town next to the highway to Hua Hin are the Samphran Elephants Ground, where after having enjoyed lunch we’ll see a very exciting crocodile show. A magician will show us impressive tricks, before we’ll be witness to the best elephant training in Thailand. Whilst wandering through the exotic compound we’ll be able to see a lot of animals a photo of three adult tame tigers be quite a nice souvenir to take home, after two days filled with unforgettable experiences, we’ll take you back to the hotel.

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