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Hua Hin Kite Boarding
Hua Hin Kite Boarding

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What is Kite boarding ?

The Kite is used to develop power from the wind in the same way as a sail on a boat, but it is controlled via 30 metre line connected to a steering bar. The rider is pulled along on the board in a manner similar to wake boarding behind a boat . The characteristics of the kite enable a rider to jump high on flat water and its efficiency enables outing in even marginal winds(10-14 km/h)

The Hua Hin Kiteboarding center is situated in the beautiful town of Hua Hin on the east coast of Thailand an easy 3 hours drive from Bangkok. A great location for Kiteboarding, the coastline in this area is made up of long sandy uncrowded beaches and receives consistent winds from November to February (northeast monsoons) then from March to May (afternoon SE sea breezes)

Kiteboarding Center are situated in an area ideal for beginners to learn. Our teaching area is a 5 km long beach which runs in a North-South direction where the prevailing winds blow in an ideal direction of cross onshore / side shore. This allows the beginner to really practice, and go down wind as far as they like (something that happens when learning). So after our course, you can safely practice to your hearts content without having to worry about obstacles downwind and the constant support of a safety boat.

At KBA we recommend that beginners take our 3-day course, as kiteboarding accidents can and do occur but are generally the result of rider inexperience, negligence and lack of kite knowledge. With our 3 days course we teach new riders all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. We feel that this 3-day course offers the required time needed to achieve this goal. We also understand that each student varies in there learning style / ability and experience, thus our instructors are trained to adapted the lesson plan to suit the student/s levels.

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