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Bangsaphan - Snorkeling
Bangsaphan - Snorkeling

, Bangsaphan, 


A recently built Highway connects us directly with the 200 km southern situated city of Bangsaphan.† The Road takes us past the province capital Prachuabkhirikhan.† There is the narrowest place of Thailand 14,2 km broad.†† After 2 hours we reach our goal by† an air-conditioned Minibus.

Directly in a bay our Boat is waiting for us, which is equipped† by the crew with snorkeling equipment.† Now the trip goes directly to an inhabited island.

Five lonely grass huts in which Fishermen sometimes rest, are standing there side by side, at the side of a pretty bay with white sand.

The water is so clear, that you can see colorful fish.† For the swimmer a joy, the friends of snorkeling will have an unforgettable experience.† You will see in the water a garden of corals and fish swimming around.† We will have our lunch in an small restaurant on the Island.

Then we go back to our starting point and return to Hua Hin. We arrive at your Hotel about 6.00 p.m.

Even if† Thailand does not know the so called winter time, there are months in which the sea shows higher waves than normal. If it would happen, that we arrive Bangsaphan with our Minibus and the Boat cannot leave because of the wind and the high waves, then we change the Tour.

The price will be reduced by costs for the boat at 500 Bth per Person.† Then we visit National parks, Swimming in a waterfall, visit the Mirror mountain in Prachuabkhirikhan Itís a conclusion we have together superb supper consisting of several dishes, The Guide will fix the trip at the place after discussing with you.

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